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Welcome to the US Virgin Islands Tourism Ambassador Website

This website has been developed for Virgin Islanders, especially those living outside the Territory who want to stay connected to home and become involved in promoting the U.S. Virgin Islands. The website is a tool to connect the USVI Department of Tourism with other Virgin Islanders in the U.S. and around the world so we can share ideas to promote our islands.
Unlike our main website which introduces our islands to potential visitors, the Ambassador website will feature information of specific interest to Virgin Islanders. You will find human interest stories about Virgin Islanders living in the Territory and abroad, a list of Virgin Islands Ambassadors who are participating in this program, local recipes, a calendar of events, and lots of exciting information to help you stay connected and represent the Territory. Once you join the program you will also receive a sales kit and regular updates on promotional offers to share with those professional and civic organizations to which you are affiliated.
Our goal is to transform this site into an interactive center of information to help you promote your island home. Moreover, we hope the site helps to maintain your cultural ties to the USVI wherever you may live.

Your feedback is important to us, so if there’s something you would like to see offered on the site please let us know.  We may not be able to include all of your suggestions, but we will certainly aim to ensure the site is relevant and reflects your ideas.

We look forward to our collaboration!